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Updated September 21, 2019
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System Operations Workshop for IBM i iSeries AS/400

This LIVE 3-Day Hands-On Lab-Style Workshop provides an introduction to System Operations for the IBM i (AS/400, iSeries). Emphasis is placed on the basics of system navigation, and on normal day-to-day system operational tasks.

3 Days Sept

Expanded Operations Workshop

               for IBM i iSeries AS/400

This LIVE 5-Day Hands-On Lab-Style Workshop provides an introduction to the IBM i, AS/400, iSeries for System Operators. Emphasis is placed on the basics of system navigation and on normal day-to-day operational tasks.

In addition, this workshop addresses many intermediate to advanced level topics, including the Management of Disk Space, Advanced IBM i Navigator use, Managing User Accounts, Advanced Message Handling, Network Server Management (including NetServer) and reviewing the System Values(Global System Settings).

5 Days Sept

Intermediate ILE RPG IV

            Interactive Programming Workshop

This is a part of the RPG IV Programming Bootcamp Program. Special Discounts When Combined with the RPG IV Programming Workshop. Call or Email for Details

This LIVE 5-Day Hands-On Lab-Style Workshop focuses on the technology and programming needed to write and maintain interactive display screen programs using ILE RPG IV. Students will write, test and debug numerous interactive RPG IV programs of increasing complexity.

Advanced topics like Subfiles, Windows and Advanced Message Handling are presented in this workshop. This class is intended for those with a basic knowledge of RPG IV that need the knowledge and experience of writing and maintaining interactive RPG IV programs.

Fixed format and /free format C Specifications are taught in this class with the most current language enhancements. Students choose to use fixed or /free format code, depending on presonal preference.

Throughout the Workshop, "Legacy" RPG coding methods are examined to assist the student in their ability to maintain existing/older RPG programs. In addition, newer /free format "everything" is discussed and examples are presented.

5 Days Sept 30
-Oct 4

IBM i (iSeries AS/400) Expanded Security Workshop

This LIVE 4-Day Hands-On Lab-Style Workshop provides a comprehensive treatment of IBM i (iSeries, AS/400) security concepts along with practical instruction for implementing the concepts.

Special Tips and Techniques will be provided throughout the class. During the supervised Hands-On lab sessions, the student will audit and detect faulty implementations that could compromise the system.

This workshop is designed for those dealing with system setup and administration, including system administrators, security officers, and IT Auditors. Expanded hands-on lab exercises reinforce the concepts presented. The workshop is also recommended for technical support personnel and those staff members who set standards/policies for Application Development and Change Control.

4 Days Oct

IBM i iSeries AS/400 Administration and

            Control Workshop

This LIVE 5-Day Hands-On workshop provides an introduction to System Administration and Control for IBM i. Emphasis is placed on normal day-to-day administration tasks, backup and recovery, system configuration and maintenance. Security concepts and User Setup is detailed as are the QAUDJRN Auditing capabilities.

The audience for this class is the new and intermediate level System Administrator and Operations staff members who want to advance into performing System Administration chores.

5 Days Oct

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